IMVU 526.6

A chat client with 3D virtual worlds and a robust system for creating custom avatars

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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IMVU 526.6
IMVU 2.69

IMVU is a piece of chatting software that operates in a totally unique way. Most chatrooms use boring systems that are text-only, and chatters type responses to the entire room. While that system worked in the earliest days of the web, it is no longer completely current.

IMVU essentially takes the MMORPG formula and removes the vast majority of what you would call the 'game' portion. Instead, it merely lets you create a character in full 3D, and that character then interacts with other avatars in a variety of different settings. This is obviously a huge upgrade from standard text-only chatrooms, and your expression isn't limited to a simple username. Your avatar can be as similar or as different from your real self as you like. You can control hair style, skin color, build, clothes, accessories, animations, and character actions. You can also give your avatars pets that reflect your own.

IMVU feels a lot like a video game, but there isn't an objective beyond socialization. There are credits in the game you can earn by completing certain milestones, but none of them would be considered goals. Even when you get the credits, you can only spend them on upgrades to your collection of clothing, accessories, and other items. While this is a cool way to keep you interested in the visual side of the experience, it is ultimately pointless unless there's a specific item you want to unlock.

Even with all these aesthetic changes, IMVU is still nothing more than a chat client, albeit a complex one. You can register a user account through the IMVU website, and once you've logged in to the app and created your character, you're ready to chat. You'll start by joining the network, then you can move on to searching for chatting patterns. You can visit a public chatroom, or you can create your own space.

In the same way that most IM clients use emoticons to convey additional context, IMVU allows you to take advantage of your avatar to convey emotion through action. When you right-click on your avatar, a selection of categories will be revealed. These categories include expressions, moods, and movements.

It's hard to argue with the fact that IMVU is exceptionally original in a world filled with plain-text chatrooms. In some instances, this innovation is a bit of a hinderance. The system uses a speech bubble communication method that can be hard to follow, but if you can follow it, you won't have to pay attention to the flowing conversation box at the base of the app. That full conversation shows everything being said in the room, but thanks to the way IMVU lays out their rooms, you can efficiently chat with only one or two others without the rest of the room disturbing you.


  • Innovative 3D Chatting
  • Personalized Avatars
  • Collect Accessories


  • Confusing Speech Bubble System
  • Long Loading Times

Whether you have always been an avid chat room lurker or if you are simply looking for a new method of getting to know new people, IMVU is a free downloadable 3D-based client that allows you access to an entirely different virtual world than traditional chat rooms. IMVU is a 3D world that includes customized avatars and scenery, giving you the ability to view others in the virtual chat room in real-time.

Features of IMVU

IMVU allows users to create customized avatars that are placed directly in a 3D world based on the type of room or scene the individual is interested in. Whether you want to visit a virtual bar, club or even an outdoor garden, there are hundreds of locations to visit with your IMVU character. Once you have found the location you want to visit, you can simply click to enter the room while allowing the IMVU client to load entirely.

After you have arrived at your intended destination, you will then begin to see additional avatars loading as the room loading process completes. Chatting is simple and requires a simple click of the mouse and the use of the keyboard to get started. Clicking on other avatars can help to get to know more about other users and their profiles while also giving you the ability to add new contacts and to make new virtual friends within IMVU.

Pros of Using IMVU

Using IMVU is free to do and can be done by downloading and installing the official IMVU within minutes from IMVU's official website. Once the client has downloaded and installed, creating a user name only requires a few minutes and an email confirmation to get started with your very own IMVU character.

It is possible to get additional credits within the IMVU platform by staying interactive with your account and taking advantage of discounts and offers available to long-time users.

IMVU also gives users the ability to animate their avatars, adding to the traditional chat room experience that is often text-based. Smiling, moving around, waving and even dancing are all possibilities with the IMVU chat client.

Cons of IMVU

Loading IMVU can be time-consuming, regardless of the specs of your computer and the operating system you are loading the client from yourself. Additionally, it can be difficult to read and follow chat bubbles within popular chat rooms, making it challenging to follow along with conversations at times.

In order to purchase premium items or items for additional credits that you do not have, you are required to pay for the credits. Although the IMVU client itself is free, purchasing additional credits to help with customizing your avatar and character even further is optional.

Using IMVU is a way to meet new people, find entertainment and get creative with your own personalized and custom avatar. The more actively involved you become with IMVU and the time you put into the application, the easier it becomes to earn points and to receive offers to get additional clothing and accessories for your character.

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